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How To Make An Appointment At UPMC Whitfield

By choosing UPMC Whitfield, patients get faster access to world class treatment, due to our shorter waiting times for appointments with consultants. Making an appointment at UPMC Whitfield is a simple 3 step process.
Step 1: Choose your preferred consultant to see. You can view a full list of which consultants specialise in what departments here.

Step 2: Visit your GP for a referral to your preferred consultant. During the visit with your GP, ask if the referral can be made through HealthLink – this is the fastest way to make an appointment; it will be received by UPMC Whitfield in real time and you will be contacted as soon as the appointment has been made.

Step 3: Once you’ve received confirmation of your appointment, check through our Patient Information guides to gather any relevant pre-admission information. If you have any difficulties or would like more information on your visit to UPMC Whitfield, call our patient liaison team who will be more than happy to help.

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