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Radiotherapy at UPMC Whitfield Hospital

Setting the standard for radiotherapy at UPMC Hillman Cancer Centre at Whitfield.

We are the dedicated radiotherapy center for patients in the South East.

Radiation therapy is one of the main treatment methods used in cancer care. This method of treatment can be used as a sole treatment for cancer or in combination with surgery, chemotherapy, and/or hormone therapy.

UPMC Hillman Cancer Centre offers world-class radiotherapy care with close-to-home convenience. Our patients have access to a wide range of treatment options. We incorporate techniques using a variety of photon and electron energies and are experienced in performing prostate brachytherapy.

By using combined global expertise and resources, our multi-disciplinary team works together to implement quality oversight, advanced medical training, performance data tracking and research programs.

Advanced technology combined with our specialised team of consultant medical and radiation oncologists, radiation therapists, radiation oncology nurses and medical physicists work together to determine the best course of treatment and care for each patient’s specific needs.

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Radiotherapy Department


Consultants in Radiotherapy

Dr. Esam Abdelaal


Oncology Care


Breast and Lung Cancer


Mr. Dr. Esam Abdelaal, consultant radiation oncologist, was raised in Mansoura, Egypt, and graduated from Medical College at Mansoura University, Egypt in 1988.

Following his internship and specialist training at Mansoura University Hospital, he undertook a Masters in Medicine (Radiation Oncology) and a Fellowship in Radiology (Therapeutic) at Mansoura University, Egypt in 1994.

Dr. Abdelaal was awarded a two-year fellowship at the University of North Shore and Stony Brook, USA, from 1998 to 2000. Following his return to Egypt, he spent two years at the University Hospital of Mansoura and was awarded his PhD in Radiation Oncology in 2002. He has worked as a consultant clinical radiation oncologist at Kuala Lumpur Hospital, Malaysia from 2003 to 2010; the Armed Forces Hospital, Saudi Arabia from 2010 to 2012; and at Mansoura University Hospital, Egypt, 2012 to 2014.

Dr. Esam is registered as a medical practitioner and a specialist oncologist by the:

  • Egyptian Medical Council
  • Malaysian Medical Council
  • Saudi Medical Council
  • Irish Medical Council

In March 2015, Dr. Esam joined UPMC Hillman Cancer Centre as a consultant radiation oncologist.

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Oncology Care Department

Secretary: Claudia
Tel: 051 337496
Location: Outpatient Clinics

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Dr. Dayle Hacking


Radiation Oncology


Uro-Oncology, Comprehensive Radiation Oncology Service, IMRT & Brachytherapy for prostate cancer


M.B.Ch.B (1983), M.Med. Rat (T) (SA) 1990, F.F. Rad. (T) (SA) 1990, Bard accredited proctor- LDR Brachytherapy (2004)


Dr. Dayle Hacking is a radiation oncologist in UPMC Whitfield Hospital, Waterford.

He is an oncology consultant with a special interest in Uro-Oncology, Comprehensive Radiation Oncology Service with particular emphasis on IMRT and Brachytherapy for prostate cancer.

Contact Details

Radiation Oncology Department

Secretary: Julie
Tel: 051-319857
Fax: 051-337445
Department: Hillman Cancer Centre
Outpatient Appointments: Suite 4

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