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Audiology at UPMC Whitfield Hospital

UPMC Whitfield Hospital experts help patients with hearing issues get back on track.

The audiology department at UPMC Whitfield Hospital is led by audiologist Jean Hegarty. The audiology department provides a full diagnostic service, specialising in diagnosing hearing loss. The department works closely with our Ear, Nose, and Throat specialists to work on a complete treatment plan that best suits the patient’s lifestyle and needs.

Hearing affects every aspect of daily life and hearing loss can have a devastating effect on relationships, school life, work life, and recreation. Even though a sufferer may experience physical effects of hearing loss, it is often the emotional isolation and psychological stress that causes the greatest anxiety. Ms. Hegarty and her team help their patients along every step of their journey.

When experiencing an issue with hearing impairment, the most positive thing to do is to seek an assessment. The sooner an accurate diagnosis is made by a diagnostic audiologist, the sooner you can receive treatment and start enjoying life again.

Ms. Hegarty’s office can be contacted on 051-319802.

Audiology Services at UPMC Whitfield Hospital

Hearing test: Before a treatment plan can be started, a comprehensive set of hearing impairment tests needs to be completed. Ms. Hegarty provides assessment techniques for both adults and children.


  • Otoscopy
  • Middle Ear Analysis/Tympanometry
  • Air Conduction Testing
  • Bone Conduction Masking
  • Speech Discrimination Tests
  • Tone Decay Tests
  • Recruitment Tests
  • VRA-Visual Reinforcement Audiology


Common signs of hearing loss in children become obvious when they fall behind in school, have problems keeping up, and appear not to be paying attention.

This can lead to delays in speech and language and can result in problems following instructions.

Additional tests that are carried out to assess the development of hearing in young children and infants include:

  • Play Audiology
  • Oto Acoustic Emissions
  • Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (VRA) Test (6mths to 2.5yrs)
  • Conditioning Tests
  • Distraction Tests

Other services at UPMC Whitfield Hospital:

  • Tinnitus retraining therapy and tinnitus management
  • Assessments and advise on vertigo and balance management

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