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About UPMC Whitfield Hospital

At UPMC Whitfield Hospital, We Are Making Life Changing Medicine Happen

UPMC Whitfield Hospital, previously known as Whitfield Clinic, is the largest private hospital in the South East. Located in Waterford, the facility provides outstanding care to patients for routine surgical ailments, as well as more complex and challenging medical conditions. Established in 2006, UPMC Whitfield Hospital provides diagnostic imaging, physiotherapy, radiotherapy and elective surgery to both public and private patients.

In 2018, Whitfield Clinic was acquired by the global healthcare leader UPMC and became UPMC Whitfield Hospital.

“UPMC’s mission is to serve our community by providing outstanding patient care and to shape tomorrow’s health system through clinical and technological innovation, research and education.”

UPMC Whitfield Hospital has over 50 expert consultants working across a range of specialties including Cardiology; Orthopaedics; Ophthalmology; Oncology/Haematology, Radiology, Ear, Nose and Throat; Gynaecology; Urology and General Surgery. Our team consists of 180 dedicated medical, nursing and administration staff to ensure the 70-bed hospital offers patients the right care, in the right way, at the right time – in a first-class facility that is close to home.

Advanced cancer care services are also provided at UPMC Hillman Cancer Centre located on the Whitfield campus. We provide radiotherapy to public and private cancer patients through an agreement with the HSE, meaning patients can have their treatment near to where they live.

Part of the UPMC network of cancer centres in the United States, these world leaders in cancer services assist in the delivery of the most advanced treatment and care possible to patients in the South East

Who Is UPMC?

UPMC is an international not-for-profit healthcare organisation that is transforming the way healthcare is provided.

Already trusted by millions of patients across the world, the company operates 40 hospitals, as well as 600 doctors’ offices and outpatient sites, and is now delivering this global expertise to local patients in the South East of Ireland.

UPMC is considered a leading American healthcare provider at the forefront of patient care and medicine innovation today.

UPMC is consistently inventing new models of accountable, cost-effective, patient-centred care. They provide more than €800 million a year in benefits to the communities surrounding its American centres.

A significant investment programme is planned for UPMC Whitfield over the coming years to deliver even more services and introduce new world-class technologies, ensuring those living in the region can lead the healthiest life possible.

UPMC Whitfield Hospital is committed to clinical excellence and the highest level of patient care – serving patients in the South East and beyond.

The UPMC Vision

UPMC will lead the transformation of healthcare in Ireland. The UPMC model will be nationally recognised for redefining healthcare by:

  • Putting our patients, employees and local community at the centre of everything we do in the quest to make Life Changing Medicine a reality
  • Driving economic development in the South East, with the advancement of excellence and innovation in healthcare
  • Building strong links to the global academic network to drive an innovative approach to the delivery of care and clinical advancements to the patient population
  • Entering into creative partnerships with public and insurance counterparts to address systemic challenges in the delivery of healthcare and filling the current gaps in the continuum of care
  • Strengthening links to academic and research partners in Ireland, the US and Italy

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