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Patients and Visitors


Please be sure to bring personal identification and insurance information with you when you visit us for tests, outpatient procedures, and overnight stays.

If fasting is required, your consultant or a member of your medical team will advise you ahead of your arrival. If you have a medical condition that would be affected by fasting, such as diabetes, please inform your medical team and follow their instructions.

Although our consultants will endeavour to make your Day Case stay at the hospital as short as possible, there are occasions when you may be in the hospital for the entire day.  We ask that ALL patients are prepared to spend the day at the hospital.  Our staff will keep you well informed. 

All patients having a day care procedure should not drive or drink alcohol for the first 24 hours after your procedure. We would ask that a responsible adult accompany you home after your procedure.

Please arrive at the time indicated on your appointment letter, which should be brought with you to the hospital.

At reception please follow the sign for Admissions into the first waiting area then follow the green steps to the Admissions/Check-in office where the Admissions Secretary will ensure that your documentation/accounts are all in order before your admission to the ward for your procedure.

Remove all jewellery, make-up and contact lenses if applicable.

Please note: If you develop COVID-19 within two weeks of your admission to UPMC Kildare Hospital, contact us immediately. 

Your consultant will decide when you are ready to be discharged and will advise both you and the nursing staff.   When you are prepared to be discharged please ensure that:

  • You have been instructed sufficiently on post discharge instructions and what to do if you have any difficulties or concerns.
  • You have a procedure-specific information leaflet.
  • You have a prescription (if applicable) and any personal medications are returned to you (if applicable).
  • Any cannula has been removed and dressings are checked.
  • You have a follow up OPD appointment (if applicable).
  • You have a follow up appointment for the removal of any sutures/clips.
  • You have been given a Discharge Letter to give to your G.P.
  • Any x-rays/scans you may have brought with you are returned.
  • All your belongings are packed.
  • You are accompanied by a responsible adult (if applicable). Patients are not permitted to leave the hospital unaccompanied after having a general anaesthetic or IV sedation as part of their procedure.

Wheelchair transportation is available if required to bring you to your vehicle. Please inform the Nurse in Charge when you are leaving.

Should you experience any condition that concerns or causes you alarm, please contact the hospital on the number provided on discharge.

If you contact COVID-19 within two weeks of your admission to UPMC Kildare Hospital, please contact us immediately.

If you feel you need support when in hospital, ask a trusted family member or friend to speak on your behalf. They can ask questions that you may not think of. They may also help remember answers to questions you have asked previously. Make sure your advocate understands your preferences for care and that you have reviewed your consent for treatment with them.

At UPMC Kildare we take your privacy seriously. It is important that you know exactly what we do with personal and sensitive personal information (personal data) that you and others provide us, why we gather it, and what it means to you.

We are committed to processing, protecting, and respecting all personal data about you under national and EU data protection legislation. To lawfully process your personal data, we are required to obtain and record explicit consent from you.

In keeping with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we have a Data Protection Officer at UPMC Kildare. All requests for patients’ medical records should now be forwarded to our DPO as follows:

Post: DPO, UPMC Kildare Hospital, Clane, Kildare.

All requests must include patient’s name, address, date of birth and a form of photo id (passport/driving licence) and must be signed by the patient/parent/guardian. Photographic identification must also be provided when collecting same.

If you are self-funding, please contact us on 045 982312 or email for an estimate of the cost of treatment


A friendly and comfortable atmosphere is considered an important part of patient treatment at UPMC Kildare Hospital, so visiting is encouraged. There are no specific visiting hours. However, all visitors are expected to leave by 10 p.m., with the exception of a parent who is staying with a child overnight. If you plan on visiting a patient at UPMC Kildare, we ask that you follow certain guidelines:

No Picking of Flowers with colors


Please refrain from bringing flowers into the hospital as they do not comply with Infection Control and Health Safety policies.

No Smoking with colors

No smoking

The hospital has a designated smoking area which is signposted to the front of the building.  We plan to be a smoke free campus by 2022. For fire safety reasons, the use of e-cigarettes is prohibited.

Cold & Flu

Colds and flu

If you are planning to visit a patient and have a cold, symptoms of flu, or other infectious disease, we ask that you avoid visiting UPMC Kildare until you are better.

Fire Safety

Fire safety

In the unlikely event of a fire, please follow the direction of our staff who have been trained in fire safety. If you discover a fire, please contact a member of our staff.

Buses to and from Dublin stop in front of the hospital regularly. Car parking is available on the grounds of the hospital.

First 15 minutes: FREE
Up to 2 hours: €4
Up to 3 hours: €6
Up to 4 hours: €8
All day rate: €10

Telephone: 051 337 400
Telephone: 051 337 400

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