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Ear, Nose, and Throat Services at UPMC Kildare Hospital

UPMC Kildare Hospital’s experienced consultants diagnose and treat a broad range of ear, nose, and throat (ENT) conditions in both adults and children. 

Services include but are not limited to:

  • ENT Endoscopy
  • Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS)
  • Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy
  • Flexible Direct Laryngoscopy
  • Grommets
  • Micro Aural Toilette
  • Middle Ear Surgery
  • Nasal Cautery
  • Otoplasty
  • Reduction of Nasal Fracture
  • Septal Buttons
  • Sinoscopy
  • Submandibular Gland Excision
  • Submucosal Diathermy of Interior Turbinates
  • Tonsillectomy
  • Thyroidectomy


Mr. Howard Savage Jones, MB, BCh, FRCS
For an appointment, tel. 045-989710 or email  hsjentsurgery@upmc.ie

Ms. Deirdre Fitzgerald, MB, BCh, BaO, BMedSc, DOHNS, MCh, FRCS (ORL-HNS)
Secretary: Gisela Haller
For an appointment, tel. 087-1906109 or email  hallerg@upmc.ie. 
Clinic days: Mon to Wed

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Ear, Nose & Throat Department

Mr. Howard Savage Jones:

Ms. Deirdre Fitzgerald:
Clinic: Mon to Wed

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