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Preventative Care and Wellness Solutions for Patients in the South East

Today, we recognise that living a healthy lifestyle means nurturing your mind and body.

At the UPMC Institute for Health, we focus on teaching and encouraging behaviours that have a positive impact on health and wellness. Through a multidisciplinary and integrated approach, UPMC provides holistic support to help you live healthier and manage chronic conditions as they present.

Our Philosophy

The Institute for Health is a collaborative model for patients and clinicians informed by academic research from the University of Pittsburgh, a top recipient of National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding for medical research, and models of preventative care developed by UPMC.

We focus on three types of prevention or measures that promote general health:

  • Primordial: Prevention of disease or injury risk factors
  • Primary: Modifying existing risk factors to prevent the development of disease or injury
  • Secondary: Actions aimed at halting the progression or recurrence of disease or injury through early detection and treatment

Available Classes

Being physically active at the onset of a cancer diagnosis may help ease some side effects associated with cancer therapies and potentially reduce the probability of disease recurrence.

The exercise oncology programme is designed to improve patients’ health pre- and post-treatment with the aim of improving quality of life. UPMC experts will work with you to create a tailored programme to help you avoid complications, heal faster, and maintain your daily function and independence.

Programme Details
The programme is overseen by a UPMC general practitioner. Our physiotherapy team offers the programme, which takes place in a supervised environment with specially qualified instructors.

Classes run for 12 weeks on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11 a.m. We use testing intervals at weeks one, six, and 12 to measure progress. 

Osteoarthritis rehab can often help reduce pain and improve function. Our individualised classes are overseen by a UPMC consultant and designed by our physiotherapy team to highlight the benefits of strength training, aerobic fitness, and flexibility in maintaining healthy joints.

Programme Details
The osteoarthritis class is a six-week course with two classes per week. The process begins with a chartered physiotherapist who will assess your joint and physical fitness. Using an evidence-based approach, we will prescribe an individualised programme to match your abilities. As you progress through the class, difficulty may be increased as you become stronger.

On completion of the course, your chartered physiotherapist will review your progress and discuss options for continuing exercise, whether it be at home or at a UPMC Institute for Health exercise class.

UPMC’s Falls Prevention Programme consists of classes that are designed for people who are living at home and have either experienced a fall, or are concerned that they may fall due to decreased strength or balance.

Our Falls Prevention classes are built around an evidence-based programme that is effective and proven to reduce falls amongst older people living in the community. The classes incorporate strategies to implement positive lifestyle changes to help maintain people’s independence.

Programme details: Our structured programme, consists of twelve classes over a six-week period. Each patient will be evaluated for specific risk factors known to contribute to falls and decreased mobility at the start of the programme.

A referral from a doctor or physiotherapist, based on increased risk due to age, history, medication changes, muscle weakness, degenerative joint disease, post arthroscopy, osteoporosis, or on the basis of balance screening, is required for entry into the programme.

Contact Details

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A referral form must be completed by your GP or consultant in order to attend all rehab classes.

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