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Clinician Resources

UPMC’s internationally recognised Concussion Management Programme is the foundation for developing consensus-driven and evidence-based treatment pathways in Ireland.
By standardising treatment within a coalition of healthcare providers, we will create strong public awareness that concussions, when managed properly, are treatable injuries.

Through educating athletes, parents, physicians, physiotherapists and general practitioners on this complex injury, network partners can help keep athletes and patients safe and healthy.

Clinicians seeking to join the UPMC Concussion Network gain access to proprietary training videos and resources.

UPMC Clinician Resources

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The aim of the UPMC Concussion Network is to develop a national network of GPs & physiotherapists trained in:

  • Identifying the different types of concussion
  • Treatment & rehabilitation methods
  • Recovery monitoring during RTP
  • When & how to refer to UPMC Concussion Network Clinical Leads for complicated or prolonged patient cases

Join The UPMC Concussion Network Ireland & Help Provide Comprehensive Concussion Management Nationwide

Telephone: 051 337 400
Telephone: 051 337 400

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