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Baseline Testing Measures:

Many athletes & test-takers enjoy the challenge of taking the baseline test. Essentially
the baseline test is a preseason physical of the brain which measures:

Verbal & Visual Memory

Reaction Times

Impulse Control

Concentration & Attention Span

Multitasking Ability

Symptom Data

Take 20 minutes
to be prepared if a
concussion happens

ImPACT Baseline Testing is a series of game-like activities that measure reaction time, memory, and processing speed. Test results provide UPMC Concussion Network Clinicians with an accurate picture of your healthy brain function.

Online baseline testing is FDA approved for ages 12-59 meaning you, your child or your sports teams can complete their baseline test at any time from home. Just like an annual physical, it is recommended that you take a baseline test every year.

What happens after you book an online baseline test?

Get Confirmation Email

You will receive an email within 24 hours containing your unique baseline testing link.

Open Testing Link

On your desktop or laptop and carefully watch test instructions.

Take the test

With no interruptions and focusing on each activity. Your baseline test will take just 20 minutes to complete.

Save personal testing ID

Take note of your unique customer ID. Results of your baseline test can be accessed by UPMC Concussion Network clinicians following a suspected concussion.

Concussion Care

Be proud that you have taken the first step into the care of the UPMC Concussion Network. These results will be an important clinical tool to help guide treatment and rehabilitation in your recovery from concussion.

Still have questions on baseline testing?

Contact a member of the UPMC Concussion Network care team here.