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​The UPMC Concussion Network is revolutionising how concussion is approached in Ireland through education and development of easy access pathways to viable, standardised concussion testing and treatment.​

Our goal is to provide high quality, accurate resources and learning tools from medical professionals to help people from all walks of life manage concussions and respond quickly and correctly when they happen.

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The UPMC Concussion Network Ireland provides comprehensive concussion education and management nationwide for athletes of all ages.

Recognise The Signs

Concussion awareness and education strategies can reduce your risk of sustaining a concussion and help you manage the injury if you do. As an athlete, you can benefit greatly from specific strategies and reporting any suspected concussion.

Management & Care

As an athlete, it is important to know that concussions are treatable. Access to treatment from the UPMC Concussion Network is available throughout Ireland. To do so, you can either talk to your GP about a referral to the UPMC Concussion Network or make an enquiry with our team.

Be Prepared For Your Future

ImPACT Testing can help to accurately diagnose and manage suspected concussion injuries. Take the first step into the care of the UPMC Concussion Network and complete your ImPACT Test.


As a parent, you want your children to be safe. Sometimes its not possible to eliminate all risk for your child in sports or in daily life. However, there are strategies that can help you reduce your child’s risk of a concussion through better awareness and treatment options.

Recognise & Educate

Parental concussion awareness can reduce your child’s risk of sustaining a concussion and help you manage the injury if they do. Understanding the signs and symptoms can help you avoid short-term and long-term risks.

Management & Care

As a parent, it is important to know that concussions are treatable. The UPMC Concussion Network Ireland provides comprehensive concussion management nationwide for children of all ages. There are two ways to access the network: talk to your GP about a referral or make an enquiry with our team. You can also Book an Online Baseline Test for your child.


One of the main jobs of a sports coach is keeping the athletes and players safe. While it’s not possible to eliminate all concussion in sports, there are strategies you can use to help reduce the risk for concussions among your players and safely manage them if they do occur.

Learn Correct Techniques

Ensuring proper technique and making sure that athletes avoid unsafe actions is a key way to help reduce concussion. Our education sessions help team members to understand concussion causes, effects and avoidance techniques.

Create A Concussion Action Plan

Creating an action plan can help you and your athletes better manage any suspected concussion injuries. Educate yourself on your sports concussion guidelines and protocols. The perfect place to start is with a baseline test.

Get Support

The UPMC Concussion Network provides national access to concussion experts and our team will assist getting the appropriate treatment for your players. We’re here to support you in your role in concussion management as a team coach.

Healthcare Provider

UPMC’s internationally recognised Concussion Management Programme is the foundation for developing evidence-based treatment pathways in Ireland. We would love to hear from GPs, physiotherapists, nurses and any healthcare professionals who share our vision and goals to increase awareness of concussion in their locality.

Refer A Patient

The UPMC Concussion Network can act as an extension of your practice, providing accessible, multidisciplinary post-concussion care that helps your patients safely return to learn, work and play. UPMC Concussion Network is also equipped to receive Healthlink e-referrals from General Practitioners. Find the UPMC Concussion Network within UPMC Whitfield Departments’

Engage with UPMC Concussion Network

Are you a doctor, physiotherapist or nurse with a special interest in concussion and looking to engage with the UPMC Concussion Network? We are always open to opportunities to expand our national network of concussion education, standardised testing and treatment.

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ImPACT Baseline Testing

To book an individual baseline test or to schedule a group/team baseline test session please choose one of the options below

UPMC Concussion Network Consultation

To request an appointment with a UPMC Concussion Network specialist please choose one of the options below. Request an Appointment as a patient/parent or complete the GP/Physiotherapist Referral form as a HC Provider
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Telephone: 051 337 400

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