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The UPMC Concussion Network

The UPMC Concussion Network is revolutionising how concussion is approached in Ireland through education and development of easy access pathways to viable, standardised concussion testing and treatment.

The UPMC Concussion Network, is a first-of-its-kind coalition of healthcare organisations that aims to shape the conversation about concussion injuries throughout Ireland.

By providing education and access to standardised concussion testing and treatment, the UPMC Concussion Network aims to create a strong public awareness of appropriate concussion management through educating athletes, parents, physicians, physiotherapists and general practitioners on this complex but treatable injury.

Why Choose UPMC for Concussion Care?

When you choose the UPMC Concussion Network, you have access to exclusive specialised diagnostic tests, state-of-art facilities and personalised treatment plans from well-respected specialists in the field.

The UPMC Concussion Network aims to:

  • Lead the development of a collaborative coalition of healthcare providers
    focused on improving concussion treatment in Ireland.
  • Inform and educate clinicians nationwide on the diagnosis and
    management of suspected concussion injuries.
  • Drive public awareness among all stakeholders on the importance of reporting suspected concussions and seeking appropriate treatment.
  • Support sporting and educational bodies to develop a national concussion
    research and study programme.
  • Create an accessible referral pathway for clinicians to provide their patients
    with best-in-class concussion care.

UPMC Concussion Network Care Pathway

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About ImPACT® Concussion Testing

ImPACT® is an exclusive, state-of-art, software-based neurocognitive assessment tool co-developed by UPMC concussion specialists.

ImPACT® evaluates and documents multiple aspects of a patient’s neurocognitive state, including brain processing speed, memory, reaction time and visual motor skills.

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