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Radiology Department at UPMC Aut Even Hospital

A consultant radiologist-led service, the radiology department at UPMC Aut Even Hospital offers patients prompt appointments and timely reporting with immediate onward referral to on-site consultants if required. Our team of consultant radiologists and radiographers are skilled in disciplines including MRI, x-ray, DXA scan, and ultrasound.

All radiological procedures require a referral letter from a GP or consultant.

At the MRI in Aut Even Hospital, the approach to scanning is patient-centred and every attempt is made to ensure the patient is kept as comfortable as possible. The scanner is open at both ends and the MRI suite has a large window, with a view of the fields beyond the hospital, alleviating anxieties and stressors relating to claustrophobia.

For patients with private health insurance, certain outpatient radiology tests will be directly settled by the insurance provider. For other procedures, patients may be asked to pay on the day and submit a claim to their insurer thereafter.

For additional enquiries for radiology services please contact the radiology department directly.

If your test is not covered, or you are a self-paying patient, please call our radiology department on 056-7775250 for further details.

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Tel: 056-7775250
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Tel: 056-7775128

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