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Dr. Shahid Zia

General Medicine, Respiratory

Dr. Shahid Zia


General Medicine


  • Health screening
  • Sleep disorders




Dr. Zia is a consultant in respiratory and internal medicine. He accepts referrals for general medicine, sleep apnoea, and respiratory diseases including asthma, COPD, bronchoscopy, and lung function. Dr. Zia additionally performs health screenings for common conditions and early detection of underlying health issues.

Dr. Zia graduated in 1987, achieved MRCPI in 2003 from the Royal College of Physicians Ireland, and was added to the specialist registrar for respiratory and internal medicine in Ireland in 2009. Mr. Zia completed his training in respiratory and internal medicine in Dublin and Galway and was awarded a fellowship by the Royal College of Physicians Ireland in 2013. He is based at UPMC Whitfield Hospital, UPMC Kildare Hospital, and the UPMC Outreach Centre.

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General Medicine Department

Tel: 051-337400

Referrals can be sent to UPMC Whitfield Hospital through the HealthLink platform.

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