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Sports Medicine Physician – CLOSED

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Post: Sports Medicine Physician
Reports To: UPMC Director of Sports Medicine


Overview of the Post
  • UPMC Whitfield presently provides high level sports injury management through tertiary referral sports surgery and orthopaedic clinics.  To supplement existing services a Sports Medicine Program is being developed which will initially serve the South East region but which will progress to establishing a national sports medicine network across Ireland. Recruitment of a dynamic and enthusiastic Consultant Sports Physician to assist with developing services is vital to the success of this ambitious project.
  • Diagnose, treat, and help prevent injuries that occur during sporting events, athletic training, and physical activities.



Skills Essential to the Post
  • Diagnose or treat disorders of the musculoskeletal system, and other medical conditions.
  • Order and interpret the results of laboratory tests and diagnostic imaging procedures.
  • Analyse test data or images to inform diagnosis or treatment.
  • Order medical diagnostic or clinical tests.
  • Advise against injured athletes returning to games or competition if resuming activity could lead to further injury.
  • Record patient/athletes’ medical care information and maintain medical records.
  • Examine patients to assess general physical condition, and to evaluate patient functioning, capabilities, or health.
  • Coordinate sports care activities with other experts including specialty physicians, athletic trainers, physical therapists, or coaches.
  • Work closely with existing UPMC Orthopaedic Sports Surgeons to effect timely referral and surgical management for sports injuries not suitable for (or not responding) to conservative treatment.
  • Provide education and counselling on illness and injury prevention.
  • Provide health and wellness advice to patients, program participants, or caregivers.
  • Participate in continuing education activities to improve and maintain knowledge and skills.
  • Advise athletes, trainers, or coaches to alter or cease sports practices that are potentially harmful.
  • Advise athletes, coaches, or trainers on exercise regimens, nutrition, or equipment use.
  • Explain medical procedures or test results to patients or family members.
  • Examine, evaluate and treat athletes who have been injured or who have medical problems such as exercise-induced asthma.
  • Refer athletes for specialized consultation, physical therapy, or diagnostic testing.
  • Refer patients to other healthcare practitioners or health resources as necessary.
  • Advise athletes, coaches, or trainers on exercise regimens, nutrition, or equipment use.
  • Evaluate patient functioning, capabilities, or health.
  • Prescribe medical supplies or equipment for use.
  • Prescribe orthotics, prosthetics, and adaptive equipment or related treatments.
  • Evaluate and manage chronic pain conditions.
  • Advise athletes on how substances, such as herbal remedies, could affect drug testing results.
  • Advise patients on effects of health conditions or treatments.


Candidate Specification
Qualifications: Essential:

Current Registration with the Irish Medical Council (Copy of Certificate) on the Specialist Register for a Sports Medicine related specialty (e.g. A&E, Rheumatology, Orthopaedics, Rehabilitation, Public Health)

Current Medical Insurance Liability (Copy of Certificate from HR)

Current Certificate of Compliance with Professional Competence


Post graduate Diploma or MSc in the field of Sports Medicine

Previous Research and/or lecture experience in Sports Medicine

Experience in ultrasound or fluoroscopic injection therapy



Appropriate post registration clinical experience as determined by the lead clinician in Sports Medicine/Medical Director
General Personal Competencies: Provision of an open caring environment for all referred patients, where proper explanation of treatment approach, careful treatment delivery and appropriate follow up is provided.

All posts in UPMC Whitfield require a high level of flexibility to ensure the delivery of an effective and efficient service. Therefore, the post holder will be required to demonstrate flexibility as and when required by their manager and / or hospital management.

Maintain strict confidentiality with patient and employee or any other information in accordance with all policies and procedures.

Clinical Duties: Provision of consultative services within the scope of the Departmental Policy for the provision of care in the inpatient and outpatient settings on site in UPMC Whitfield.

Off-site venues for consultation will be determined by the needs of UPMC Whitfield

Thorough clinical evaluation, careful explanation to patients and family and considered and collaborative decision making is necessary for the proper delivery of Sports Medicine services to the patients referred to our facility.

Quality Assurance Multidisciplinary Team Meetings in all hospitals in which UPMC participates in the provision of patient care.

Leadership and Participation in Quality Control related functions:

    • New Patient Review Meetings
    • Planning Review Meetings
    • Continuous Quality Initiative Meetings
    • Hospital Management Meetings (Medical Director)
Education & Research Leadership and participation in Departmental Educational Meetings.

Mandatory Clinical and non-Clinical Training

Other education activity (Conferences, lectures etc.) to meet the requirements of the statutory rules regarding Professional Competence Assurance, as well as to acquire and maintain the necessary skills relevant to the proper function of UPMC Whitfield Sports Medicine services.

Participation, within the departmental framework and guidelines, in research which may be multi-institutional or internal.

Participation in clinical outcome assessment, prospective research studies and submission of original work for peer review publication.


This job description is intended to be an outline of the areas of responsibility. As UPMC Whitfield and the post holder develop, this job description may be subject to review in light of the changing needs of the Hospital.


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CLOSING DATE: Wednesday, 3rd July 2019

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