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Senior Cardiac Physiologist – UPMC Whitfield Hospital

Please send letter of application along with an up-to-date CV to Natalie Moore, HR Business Partner, UPMC Whitfield Hospital, Cork Road, Waterford, or by email to

Closing date for receipt of completed applications is Sunday, 8 August 2021.

Senior Cardiac Physiologist

Based at: UPMC Whitfield Hospital
Reports To: Chief 1 (Chief 11) Cardiac Physiologist


Overview of the Post

This busy Cardiology Department provides a comprehensive range of invasive and non-invasive diagnostic examinations at both inpatient and outpatient level. The Cardiology Department Team is dedicated to the highest standard of healthcare provision. We maintain a high level of patient activity whilst maintaining the highest standards of care.

The Cardiac Department carries out a wide range of diagnostic investigations which include the following:

  • ECG recording/interpretation and highlighting any abnormal findings.
  • 24 / 72 Hour Ambulatory E.C.G. monitoring and analysis with full disclosures
  • 24 B/P monitoring and analysis with immediate report
  • Physiologist managed EST and report
  • ICD/CRT/PPM follow up and reprogramming
  • Transthoracic Echocardiography (scanning and reporting)
  • Pharmacological Stress Echo
  • Transoesophageal Echocardiography
  • Contrast Echocardiography
  • Cardiac resuscitation.
  • Cardiac Cath. Lab for diagnostic and interventional services (Primary PCI centre)
  • ICD/CRT/PPM implant

The candidate will be obliged to undertake both in house and external training courses for further CPD. The hospital will provide the senior cardiac physiologist with the practical and in-service training required at higher level. Some theoretical tuition will also be given by qualified senior staff in UPMC Whitfield Hospital.

There is a strong, dynamic, and enthusiastic multidisciplinary team in the Cardiology Department in UPMC Whitfield Hospital. An open communication structure is encouraged for further learning/education using case studies.

The candidate will be given every opportunity to excel in all cardiac diagnostic investigations.  There is a strong emphasis on learning and CPD and study/examinations in all areas are strongly encouraged/facilitated.

The candidate will gain valuable experience and exposure within the multidisciplinary team to a wide range of conditions/pathologies.

This department has an advance clinical cardiology management system for immediate physiologist report post diagnostic examination.


Duties and Responsibilities

Professional / Clinical

The senior cardiac physiologist will perform the following procedures:

  • Resting ECG
  • Exercise treadmill testing, both medical and physiologist led
  • Fit and analyse of ambulatory ECG and BP recordings
  • Pacemaker and ICD/CRT follow-up
  • Transthoracic echocardiography and report on same
  • Assist with transoesophageal echocardiography
  • Assist with diagnostic and interventional procedures in Cath. Lab
  • Assist with pacemaker and implantable defibrillator procedures
  • Report procedure findings and highlighting abnormal findings
  • Be expected to take part in any on-call rota that may be or become part of their department.
  • Be responsible for the maintenance of standards of practice of self and staff appointed to clinical / designated area(s).
  • Be responsible for managing own caseload and for assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of cardiac diagnostic services for service users according to service standards and best practice.
  • Supervise staff, prioritising and allocating work and promoting positive staff morale and team working in conjunction with the chief cardiac physiologist.
  • Foster and maintain professional working relationships with colleagues, front line managers, and other healthcare personnel in the team.
  • Ensure the quality of documentation of reports are in accordance with local service and professional standards.
  • Communicate verbally and / or in writing results, data interpretation and reports to the relevant team and consultants in accordance with service policy.
  • Participate as part of a multi-disciplinary team as appropriate, communicating and working in co-operation with other team members.
  • Attend Clinics, review meetings, team meetings, case conferences, as designated by the chief cardiac physiologist.
  • Ensure that staff in the department arrange and carry out duties in a timely manner, and in line with local policy guidelines.
  • Be responsible for adhering to existing standards and protocols and for the development and maintenance of standards / strategies for quality improvement and outcome measurement.
  • Ensure that professional standards are maintained in relation to confidentiality, ethics and legislation.
  • Operate within the scope of practice and in accordance with local guidelines.
Education and Training

The senior cardiac physiologist will:

  • Participate in mandatory training programmes.
  • Participate in continuing professional development including in-service training, attending and presenting at conferences / courses relevant to practice, contributing to research etc. as agreed by the chief cardiac physiologist.
  • Engage in support / supervision with peer senior cardiac physiologists and managers and participate in performance review.
  • Manage, participate and play a key role in the practice education of student cardiac physiologists. Take part in teaching / training / supervision of other students and attend practice educator courses as appropriate.
  • Ensure newly qualified staff have adequate induction and clinical supervision and assist in implementing annual staff development and performance review.
Health and Safety

The senior cardiac physiologist will:

  • Promote a safe working environment in accordance with health and safety legislation.
  • Be aware of and implement agreed policies, procedures and safe professional practice by adhering to relevant legislation, regulations and standards.
  • Actively participate in risk management issues, identify risks and take responsibility for corrective actions.
  • Report any adverse incidents in accordance with organisational guidelines.

The senior cardiac physiologist will:

  • Be responsible for the co-ordination and delivery of service.
  • Review and allocate resources in collaboration with the chief cardiac physiologist and relevant others.
  • Promote good working practice and uniformity of standards of best practice.
  • Promote quality by reviewing and evaluating the Cardiac Investigations Department service regularly, identifying changing needs and opportunities to improve services, in collaboration with the chief cardiac physiologist and relevant others.
  • Develop and implement service / business plans, quality initiatives, audits etc. and report on outcomes in collaboration with the chief cardiac physiologist.
  • Oversee the upkeep of accurate records in line with best clinical governance, organisational requirements and the Freedom of Information Act, and render reports and other information / statistics as required.
  • Represent the department at meetings and conferences as appropriate.
  • Liaise with the chief cardiac physiologist regarding the needs, interests and views of cardiac investigations staff.
  • Promote good team working, and a culture that values diversity.
  • Participate in the management of stock and equipment in conjunction with the chief cardiac physiologist.
  • Engage in IT developments as they apply to service users and service administration.
  • Keep up to date with developments within the organisation and the Irish Health Service.
  • Perform such other duties appropriate to the office as may be assigned by the chief cardiac physiologist.

Qualifications / Education/ Experience

  • Possess the BSc in Clinical Measurement from Dublin Institute of Technology or equivalent as confirmed by the Irish Institute of Clinical Measurement Science (IICMS) or
  • Possess the Certificate in Medical Physics and Physiological Measurement (MPPM) from Dublin Institute of Technology or equivalent as confirmed by the Irish Institute of Clinical Measurement Science (IICMS) or
  • Possess an equivalent relevant scientific qualification (Level 8) as confirmed by the Irish Institute of Clinical Measurement Science (IICMS)


  • Have a minimum of 3 years satisfactory relevant post qualification experience and
  • Have the clinical, managerial and administrative capacity to properly discharge the functions of the role.
Post Specific Requirements       

The candidate must have relevant experience in the following areas:

  • Echocardiography, Cardiac Catheterisation Lab., Cardiac Rhythm management.
  • Desirable: Echocardiography accreditation AND/OR Cardiac Rhythm Management accreditation
  • Eg Demonstrate depth and breadth of experience in cardiac invasive and non-invasive investigative procedures.
Job Specific Competencies and Knowledge        

Candidates must demonstrate:

  • The necessary experience and knowledge to carry out the post in a competent and safe manner.
  • Commitment to maintaining and enhancing professional knowledge and skills.
  • Effective planning and organising skills including the ability to meet deadlines, work on own initiative and multi-task.
  • Commitment to providing a quality service in an effective and resourceful manner.
  • An awareness of the primacy of the patient in relation to all hospital activity and the importance of providing a high quality, person-centred service.
  • Team skills and leadership skills including the ability to work within a multi-disciplinary team (particularly in the context of a changing clinical and technical environment).
  • Willingness to share knowledge and/or new ideas with staff and colleagues.
  • Innovation including the ability to effectively challenge existing practices and procedures in developing and improving services to patients.
  • Flexibility and openness to change.
  • Good problem solving and decision-making skills and the ability to develop solutions to complex situations.
  • Experience of gathering interpreting and analysing information to make informed decisions.
  • Possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills, including the ability to present information in a clear and concise manner.

This job description is intended to be an outline of the areas of responsibility. As UPMC Whitfield Hospital and the post holder develop, this job description may be subject to review in light of the changing needs of the centre.

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