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Director of Nursing

Please send letter of application along with an up-to-date CV to Aoife Power, HR Generalist, UPMC Whitfield Hospital, Cork Road, Waterford, or by email to

Closing date for receipt of completed applications is Saturday, 24 October 2020.

Director of Nursing

UPMC Whitfield Hospital, Waterford
Reports to: Chief Nursing Officer
Type of Contract: 39 hours per week – permanent

The candidate will be required to provide strategic clinical leadership and direction to hospital services, nursing and other ancillary services that will report to the office.

As the director of nursing, you will be required to be a member of the hospital management team, support the delivery of the hospital’s strategic objectives and be a leader in the development of a vision for the future. The candidate will embrace change management initiatives which will improve patient experiences, the quality of care, and ensure the continued development of hospital services to support the business.

The candidate will be required to have strong business acumen with a real understanding of the private healthcare industry. The candidate will be required to act as an advocate in the delivery of quality patient safety and continuous learning and development of nursing practice.

In collaboration with the chief nursing officer, the candidate will play a strategic role in leading in the design implementation and consolidation of the devolved management of nursing services and other relevant functions that support the nursing office. Ensure that the chief nursing officer is appraised of significant nursing developments and trends that may impact on the hospital and the nursing staff.

The candidate will support, promote, and preserve the UPMC mission, values, and ethos by ensuring the effective delivery of mission objectives in the hospital and the UPMC experience program.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

Professional Leadership, Education, and Strategic Management
  • Develop and implement a nursing strategy that will support and develop our nursing workforce to ensure full utilization and operational efficiency of our services across the hospital.
  • Lead, manage, and motivate the nursing team through resourceful delegation of the workload and taking account of the level of experience, competence, role, and scope of practice of the nursing team.
  • Develop a shared sense of commitment and participation amongst staff in the management of change, the development of nursing services, and in responding to the changing health needs of internal and external stakeholders, i.e. patients, staff, and consultants.
  • Develop clinical key performance indicators that will monitor quality initiatives and support the hospital’s strategic business objectives.
  • Provide clinical advice, guidance, and support to the hospital management team, nursing directorate, etc., on matters relating to nursing, innovation, initiatives, and professional standards.
  • Liaise with hospital manager and technical services manager on the development of strategic clinical infrastructure projects that will enhance the hospital services and improve patient flows.
  • Build strategic working relationships with other private and public hospitals, departments, and consultants.
Quality and Patient Safety
  • Collaborate with the director of quality and patient safety and the clinical directors for leading and implementing clinical governance across the hospital and for high standards of clinical practice and performance, in particular ensuring the contribution of nursing staff to the overall requirements of the hospital.
  • With the chair of clinical governance, medical advisory committee, executive management team, and multi-disciplinary professionals, ensure the hospital’s statutory obligations in clinical services are met and, in doing so, ensure safe and appropriate standards of clinical practice.
  • Participate and play a leadership role in the hospital’s accreditation processes (e.g. JCI and CHKS) and other quality management systems in the hospital.
  • Perform an executive lead role in governance that will support key hospital processes, i.e. IPC, nursing professional regulation, hygiene, decontamination, and patient engagement.
  • Ensure that modern standards of clinical nursing care are in operation and that regular monitoring of nursing care is undertaken across the hospital.
  • Ensure adherence to all codes and guidelines in relation to professional nursing practice and behaviour, including those of the JCI and CHKS, are being achieved in the hospital.
  • Be accountable for continuously improving the quality of the service and safeguarding standards of care within nursing, specifically, and the hospital in general.
  • Promote and maintain a safe environment for staff and patients. Develop and implement risk management and health and safety strategies in consultation with appropriate personnel.
  • Monitor, track, and trend patient complaints. Investigate the same utilising appropriate tools and ensure appropriate corrective and preventative action is taken to ensure successful resolution and prevent a recurrence of same.
General Management
  • Ensure the optimum and effective use of nursing and clinical staff through efficient rostering, skill mix planning, workload measurement, staff profiling and deployment, attendance, and reward management.
  • Provide to the hospital manager regular reports and updates with regard to optimal utilisation plans, e.g. staffing, resources, activity, technology, etc.
  • Participate in hospital performance and clinical and medical committees relevant to the hospital service and to the office.
  • Actively contribute to the development, implementation, and education of hospital policies and business plans.
  • Through our value of stewardship, ensure financial and non-financial resources allocated to the nursing and clinical functions are utilised most effectively.
  • Prepare annual nursing budgets and ensure that the service performs within the allocated budget.
Human Resource Management
  • Provide consistent and visible leadership to directly managed staff and in the interface with other clinical directorates and their teams, demonstrate effective leadership through exemplary people management and adherence to the hospital HR policies and procedures.
  • To ensure we become a healthcare employer of choice, develop recruitment and retention strategies that will ensure we hire the highest calibre of nursing staff.
  • Contribute to the ongoing development of a more engaged, motivated, and valued workforce that empowers staff to share knowledge and work together to achieve the best for the hospital (e.g. educational programmes).
  • Analyse and implement the cultural changes needed to deliver service change, staff and professional team working, and improvements to patient process productivity.
  • To manage the engagement and competency cycle of all clinical staff including direct and indirect reports.
  • To ensure that all mandatory training is undertaken by nursing departments and to generally promote and facilitate staff training and development in the designated service units.
  • To promote a positive environment that is conducive to best practice in human resource management.
  • In collaboration with occupational health and HR monitor staff absenteeism in accordance with the hospital policy.
  • In collaboration with the HR department effectively manage employee and industrial relations issues to ensure that communications are clear and that a partnership approach to problem-solving is in place.
  • Maintain a close working relationship with the HR manager on the delivery of HR best practice across the clinical environment.
  • To ensure that all staff in designated service units are aware of hospital policies and agreed procedures and that they are promptly informed of change.


In the course of your employment you may have access to or hear information concerning the personal or medical affairs of staff and/or patients or other health service business, such records and information, are strictly confidential and unless acting on the instruction of an authorised person, on no account must personal information concerning staff, patients, or the hospital be divulged or discussed except in the performance of normal duty.

In addition, care must be taken that a patient’s medical records are never left in such a place that unauthorised persons may obtain access to them and kept in safe custody when no longer required.

Job Revision

The hospital reserves the right to reasonably review and update the duties and terms of this position periodically, to meet the needs of the department and with participation from the post holder. The job description of subject to change in order to meet future developments at UPMC Whitfield Hospital, Waterford and may include any other duties and responsibilities as determined by the hospital manager.

Policies and Procedures

The duties and responsibilities of this post will be undertaken in accordance with the policies, procedures and practices of UPMC Whitfield Hospital, Waterford which may be amended from time to time.

Professional Responsibilities

The post holder will be required to demonstrate professionalism at all times through their relationships, work standards, appearance, and compliance with policies and procedures of the organisation. Employees are required to submit all educational credentials, including certificates and diplomas, which are pertinent to their employment prior to their start date.

About UPMC

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