Clinical Research Assistant (Orthopaedic Sports Medicine) - CLOSED - UPMC

Clinical Research Assistant (Orthopaedic Sports Medicine) – CLOSED

Job Title: Clinical Research Assistant (Orthopaedic Sports Medicine)
Reports to: Mr Patrick Carton – Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Base: UPMC Whitfield, Waterford
Hours of Work: 5 days Mon – Fri (40 hours per week)


The Orthopaedic and Sports Surgery Centre, at UPMC Whitfield, prides itself on the delivery of outstanding clinical care to patients with orthopaedic conditions, or sports injuries, to the hip and knee.

The primary role of the Clinical Research Assistant (CRA) is to assist in the collection and analysis of pre and post operative functional outcome assessments; patients with groin injuries, femoral acetabular impingement, knee injuries and osteoarthritis who require surgery will be the central focus for outcome analysis.

The CRA will also be involved in a development of outcomes and analysis for sports injuries managed non-operatively through a new sports medicine clinic at UPMC Whitfield.
The CRA will co-ordinate outcome data collection for joint replacement patients at UPMC Whitfield and provide analytic feedback on results.

Key Aim for Clinical Research Assistant Role

    • Gain competence in the functional assessment of patients both pre and post operatively.
    • Organise the timely review of post-operative patients to maximise review attendance (>80% review rate).
    • Be competent in the understanding of surgical techniques required for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the hip and knee, femoral acetabular impingement, meniscal and ligamentous knee injuries and groin injuries.
    • Develop a thorough understanding of research methods, particularly, outcome assessment and accurate statistical analysis.
    • Present at two national conferences and publish at least two research papers in a peer-reviewed journal each year
    • Have success with applications for research funding and grants.


  • Principle Responsibilities
    All aspects of the job are under the guidance of Mr Patrick Carton, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and consists of three main roles:1.Clinical Outcomes:This role includes constructing review appointments, contacting patients, and reviewing outpatients. It also includes the collection and storage of important clinical and radiological data, in particular those relating to outcome and complications. The role includes assisting in development of the outcomes database and data processing required for presentation/publication and audit. The success of this role will be measured by the completeness of the outcomes database and the patient review rate (>80% is expected).2.Sports Prevention Role:This is a dedicated role needed for the development of a sports prevention and performance assessment strategy for the clinic. To provide local and regional sports teams with a facility, which will help to enhance performance and minimise risk from injury and offer screening assessments.


    Data collected on all patients needs to be analysed monthly and annually (Annual Clinical Outcomes review); the outcome results will be presented at national and international meetings and submitted for publication in peer-reviewed journals. The CRA will be responsible for preparation of this analysis.

    The CRA will source and apply for research grants and funding to assist with further projects.

    Appendix 1A – Employee Profile

    Qualifications & Experience ESSENTIAL:

    Candidates must:

    Hold a relevant higher degree e.g. MSc, BSc


    It is desirable that candidates:

    Have undertaken previous research.
    Experience of working in a sports injury environment

    Knowledge & Special Interests Have a firm commitment to a career in Sports Injury Research

    Have experience or can demonstrate an interest in sports injury and prevention

    Show evidence of original work or thought such as would be provided by the publication of a scientific paper.

    Knowledge of evidence based approach to clinical care.

    Knowledge of the role of the post.

    IT and computing skills.

    Understanding of the implication of good Clinical Governance.

    Skills & Aptitudes Ability to lead and engender high standards of care.

    Ability to develop strategies to meet changing demands.

    Willingness to work flexibly as part of a team.

    Good communication and interpersonal skills.

    Other Work Related Requirements Either a full current driving licence and access to a car or access to a form of transport, which will permit the full requirements of the post to be met.

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    CLOSING DATE: Tuesday, 26th November 2019

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