Clinical Nurse Specialist Radiation Oncology – Job Description – CLOSED


Post Details
Post:Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNSp) Radiation Oncology
Reports To:Manager of Operations


Overview of the Post
Ensure the provision of quality patient care, whilst maximising efficiency in accordance with the Cancer Centre’s policies and procedures and demonstrate that he/she can perform their duties according to the 5 UPMC Core Values

Clinical Focus

The CNSp Radiation Oncology will have a strong patient focus whereby the speciality defines itself as nursing and subscribes to the overall purpose, functions and ethical standards of nursing/midwifery. The clinical practice role may be divided into direct and indirect care. Direct care comprises the assessment, planning, delivery and evaluation of care to the patient, family and/or carer. Indirect care relates to the activities that influence and support the provision of direct care.

Direct Care

The CNCp Radiation Oncology will:

  • Provide a specialist nursing service for patients with a diagnosis of Cancer who require support and treatment through the continuum of care.
  • Undertake comprehensive patient assessment to include physical, psychological, social and spiritual elements of care using best evidence-based practice in Cancer care
  • Use the outcomes of patient assessment to develop and implement plans of care in conjunction with the multi-disciplinary team (MDT) and the patient, family and/or carer as appropriate
  • Monitor and evaluate the patient’s response to treatment and amend the plan of care accordingly in conjunction with the MDT and patient, family and/or carer as appropriate
  • Make alterations in the management of patient’s condition in collaboration with the MDT and the patient in line with agreed pathways and policies, procedures, protocols and guidelines
  • Accept appropriate referrals from MDT colleagues
  • Co-ordinate investigations, treatment therapies and patient follow-up
  • Communicate with patients, family and/or carer as appropriate, to access patient’s needs and provide relevant support, information, education, advice and counselling as required or make referrals to relevant MDT colleagues for supplementary care where required
  • Where appropriate work collaboratively with MDT colleagues across Primary and Secondary Care to provide a seamless service delivery to the patient, family and/or carer as appropriate
  • Participate in medication reconciliation taking cognisance of poly pharmacy and support medical and pharmacy staff with medication reviews and medication management
  • Identify and promote specific symptom management strategies as we as the identification of triggers which may cause exacerbation of symptoms. Provide patients with appropriate self-management strategies and escalation pathways
  • Manage nurse-led clinics with MDT input
  • Identify health promotion priorities for the patient, family and/or carer and support patient self-care in line with best evidence. This will include the provision of educational and health promotion material which is comprehensive, easy to understand and meets patient needs

Indirect Care

  • Identify and agree appropriate referral pathways for patients with Cancer
  • Participates in case review with MDT colleagues
  • Use a case management approach to patients with complex needs in collaboration with MDT in both Primary and Secondary Care as appropriate
  • Take a pro-active role in the formulation and provision of evidence-based policies, procedures and guidelines relating to Cancer care
  • Take a lead role in ensuring the service for patients with Cancer is in line with best practice guidelines
  • Communicate, negotiate and represent patient’s family and/or carer values and decisions in relation to their condition in collaboration with MDT colleagues in both Primary and secondary Care as appropriate
  • Develop and support the concept of advocacy, particularly in relation to patient participation in decision making, thereby enabling informed choice of treatment options
  • Respect and maintain the privacy, dignity and confidentiality of the patient, family and/or carer
  • Establish, maintain and improve procedures for collaboration and cooperation between Acute Service, Primary Care and Voluntary Organisations as appropriate
  • Maintain clinical competence in patient management within Cancer nursing, keeping up-to-date with relevant research to ensure the implementation of evidence-based practice
  • Provide the patient, family and/or carer with appropriate information and other supportive interventions to increase their knowledge, skill and confidence in managing their Cancer condition
  • Provide mentorship and preceptorship for UPMC colleagues as appropriate
  • Participate in training programmes for nursing, MDT colleagues and key stakeholders as appropriate
  • Be responsible for addressing own continuing professional development needs

Audit and Research

  • Identify, initiate and conduct nursing and MDT audit and research projects relevant to the area of practice
  • Identify, critically analyse, disseminate and integrate best evidence relating to Cancer care into practice
  • Contribute to nursing research on all aspects of Cancer care
  • Use the outcomes of audit to improve service provision
  • Contribute to service planning and budgetary processes using audit data and specialist knowledge
  • Monitor, access, utilise and disseminate current relevant research to advise and ensure the provision of informed evidence-based practice


  • Provide leadership in clinical practice and act as a resource and role model for Cancer practice
  • Generate and contribute to the development of clinical standards and guidelines and support implementation
  • Use specialist knowledge to support and enhance generalist nursing practice
  • Develop collaborative working relationships with local Cancer CNSp/Registered Advance Nurse Practitioner/MDT colleagues as appropriate, developing person centred care pathways to promote the integrated of model of care delivery
  • Attend integrated care planning meetings as required
  • Where appropriate develop and maintain relationships with specialist services in voluntary organisations which support patients in the community
  • Liaise with other health service providers in the development and the on-going delivery of care
  • Network with other CNSp in Cancer Care and in related professional associations

Health and Safety and Quality

  • To comply with the Cancer Centres policies and procedure in relation to Health and Safety
  • Actively participate in all quality initiative

Standard Responsibilities

  • Performs in accordance with system-wide competencies/behaviours
  • Performs other duties as assigned
  • Lives the UPMC Values



Skills Essential to the Post
· Be currently registered nurse/midwife on the active Register of Nurses/Midwives held by Bord Altranais (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland)

· Have an Oncology Qualification from an accredited institution or be willing to undertake the course and in-house training

· Have a minimum of 3 years post registration experience in the specialist area of Cancer care

· Have evidence of CDP

· Possess adequate computer skills


Person Specification
Qualifications:· Be currently registered nurse/midwife on the active Register of Nurses/Midwives held by Bord Altranais (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland)

· Have an Oncology Qualification from an accredited institution or be willing to undertake the course and in-house training



(Amount and Type)

Have extensive experience and clinical expertise i.e. minimum of 3 years (full time or an aggregate of 3 years full time) post registration experience in the specialist area of Cancer Care

Have the ability to practice safely and effectively fulfilling his/her professional responsibility within his/her scope of practice

Job Specific Competencies and Knowledge:Practice in accordance with relevant legislation and with regards to The Scope of Nursing and Midwifery Practice Framework (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland, 2015) and the Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics for Registered Nurses and Registered Midwives (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland, 2014)


· Effective communication skills

· Organisation and time management skills

· Effective analytical, problem solving and decision-making skills

· Commitment to provide a quality service

Personal Competencies:· Team player

· Ability to practice safely and effectively fulfilling his/her professional responsibility within his/her scope of practice


This job description is intended to be an outline of the areas of responsibility and deliverables at the time of its writing. As the Cancer Centre and the post holder develop, this job description may be subject to review in light of the changing needs of the Centre.